Get me the damn Use case

So assuming you started your journey in the Big Data world. You probably realized that by now, that one of the most important V is Value. Yep, you mine PB of data, you’d run crazy hypothesis, invest great amount of time and probably money to harvest your unstructured data.what we call Value is actually the parallel meaning to the word: Use case.

Yep, we need to show ROI, business model and all the great business school/consulting firms will tell you. Well, gling gling, here is your reality check, forget About the use case, just start!
Don’t let anyone fool you with good marketing pitch. Predicting the future is not an easy task.
Advanced analytics can help the business and drive the strategy but you must setup expectation with your marketing department.

Use case is a journey, it requires discipline, it requires great resources(not good but great) – get smart folks to do this job or identify the talent people in your org and make them your new data scientists or whatever new hype role that is defined in the industry

There are two great books that I recommend you reading:
1. Win business with AA
2. Data agile

These two books were written by different authors from different angle but I think they complete each other.
The first one will set you up with the business acumen
The second will make you understand that your still have to learn and the big data technology is pretty cool.