Big Guy on Big Data

The Hype?!

One of my best friend who is a CEO of a young  startup met me several weeks back and  was mad at me as I used the term “big data” at least 10 times on 5 minutes call. It was probably a side effect of me over reading and exploring this area.
Meeting with Steve Borbst, who is the CTO of Teradata had some great impact when you hear a great lecture and have the “Ah” moments.

Steve Borbst talked about the fact that we are living in the SPIME world (hoping I say it right) – but the thing is that we are looking on “Space and Time” dimensions when we generating and consuming data – I might need to write a post just on this specific topic.

There is great buzz/hype around big data – reminds me cloud computing few years back To me it is hyped but it is here to stay for many many years.However there is great confusion regarding Analytics/BigData in general – I have many definitions for all but I won’t share it as it will create a long discussion like this innocent question posted by Joana on linkedin :-)

I will try within my blog to cover many aspects and areas I encounter at work and  learn and most important, I will use the term “big data” less than 10 times on every post.



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